What Does It Mean?

Healthy Living. What does it mean to you? I have tried to transform my life into a health-conscious one, and I feel as if I have done a pretty good job. I will admit there are time where I feel like I fall short. I used to shame myself for eating a slice of pizza or I would get so upset if I didn’t have time to workout for a couple of days. This is not a healthy lifestyle. Wanting to eat clean and exercise is the basis of any “healthy” lifestyle, but for some people this could vary. Eating a meal that isn’t the best for you every once in awhile shouldn’t make you shame yourself, it’s actually healthy! I believe that to maintain a clean eating pattern, the key is moderation and not elimination of foods that may not be the healthiest. So if you ever feel like giving up on your fitness because you ate a few brownies remember- this is life. Nobody is perfect and it’s nearly impossible to eat kale and raw juices for every meal. Find what works for you and what makes you feel good, and never give up on your fitness goals!

(photo credit: nourish_naturally on Instagram)

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