Working Out at Home Just Got Exciting 

Many people feel like they can’t get up the motivation, time, or energy to exercise. When it comes to paying for a gym or studio membership, many people are turned off by ridiculous prices. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I was shown blogilates by my friend, Destiny. She and I are known health junkies and are constantly sending each other new yummy health recipes and workouts- more on that later.

Cassey Ho, founder of blogilates, specializes in what is called POPblogilates pilates. Basically, it is fun and upbeat Pilates set to pop music. Cassey has a large array of Youtube videos that range from full body cardio to body part specific workout videos. It is easy to build your own workout with her videos, but she also has a calendar that she offers each month where she puts together a fitness plan for her subscribers!

This month, I have decided to try following the blogilates calendar and I am loving it so far. Each day I am super sore, but I also feel extremely strong. She offers modifications for beginners and loads of encouragement throughout her videos. The best part? It’s all free!

So, if you don’t have a gym membership or you have a hard time finding classes that suit your schedule, I recommend trying blogilates!

(You can access this month’s calendar by subscribing here)

And I will leave you with a few of my absolute favorite videos:get-it-right-2







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