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I have been on a journey for the past few months to use all-natural beauty products and toiletries. I have always been very conscious about what kind of food I put into my body, but I had never really thought about what I was putting on my body in terms of products.

My desire to go organic in my beauty routine started with a friend saying something to me along the lines of  “Did you know that companies put stuff in lip balm that actually dries out your lips so that you need more of it?” I was sure that there was none of this “stuff” in my chapstick. In reality, as soon as I read the ingredients on the back and searched what they all were, I found that there were not only alcohols that dried out my lips, but there were also multiple carcinogens and irritants listed in the ingredients as well. From that point forward I began to research natural versus regular cosmetics and almost immediately began cleaning out my makeup/other products. Now, I would say I am nearly 90% all-natural, and one of my favorite brands to use for a variety of products is good4you herbals. The owner, Jes, is an amazing plant-loving woman who offers useful and beautiful products(pictured above) with luxurious ingredients so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your beauty routine!

I will post more as I continue my organic journey. I highly recommend checking out Jes’ shop, and thank you for reading!

– Kaleigh

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