Starting Fresh

We all crave something new. That’s why we get that giddy and bubbly feeling when we buy something even as simple as a new tube of toothpaste. The feeling of newness is refreshing and exciting. As I wrap up my senior year of high school, I am realizing all of the incredible new beginnings I am going to experience over the next few months. Similarly, I will experience many endings: the end of high school, the end of living with my parents, and the end of dependency. Soon, I will be off on my own living my life and realizing the ways that the world works for a college student. But, I am not scared to venture out into the unknown. One reason for my confidence in my future is that my path has been laid before my feet by the great Creator, God, and He definitelyFirey Flowers knows what He is doing. Another reason is the excitement of new beginnings, and one new beginning for me is this blog. I have had an itch to create a blog to share with my peers due to the fact that I have so much to say and share. So here we are, starting fresh, starting something new. This week, I challenge you to try something new; it could be a new meal, a new workout plan, making a new friend- anything will do. Try it, and I promise it will positively impact your life. Thank you so much for reading!


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