Fit Doesn’t Have a Body Type

I follow many fitness accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and I have yet to see any two women who look exactly the same. Additionally, many women have completely different exercise regimens and dietary preferences. Regardless, I believe that each woman that I follow is fit and healthy in her own way. Below I will highlight three of my greatest inspirations.

1.Emily Skye


Emily Skye is a fitness enthusiast and is an inspiration with her veggie-intensive diet and her dedication to weight training and HIIT workouts. She often Snapchats or posts videos on Instagram post-workout letting her followers know how her workouts went that day. She also has an online program titled F.I.T. and she often posts before and after photos showing how her program has changed many people’s lives. Though she may seem superhuman with her strict diet and workout routine, she can often be spotted on Snapchat winding down with a latte and some chocolate covered strawberries on the weekend- it’s all about balance!

2. Ashy Bines


Ashy Bines is an Australian fitness guru and swimwear model. She has many online programs and challenges, and she is just recently a new mama. Ashy’s Snapchat is basically a live stream of her life from when she wakes up until when she goes to sleep. In these Snapchat stories, she often includes fitness advice and shows what meals she is making on a daily basis. Ashy is great about being real and honest with her followers and she working to get back that pre-baby body!

3. Cassey Ho


Cassey Ho  has created her own online community through the creation of her YouTube account, Blogilates, where she uploads free workout videos on a weekly basis. The videos range from pop pilates(her own creation), to HIIT workouts, to cardio and so much more. She has inspired me immensely with her acceptance of her body and her willingness to get better and push herself to new limits. She also has a passion for design and has chased this dream by creating her own activewear line!


Though each of these women look very different, follow different workout plans and have different diets, they are all healthy and fit. These women strive to inspire others through their determination and they do not keep quiet about their passion for health and fitness over social media. I highly recommend following each of these woman for inspiration to live a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.

I hope that this post proves that fit doesn’t have a body type; each woman knows what is best for her body and I find that inspiring. I challenge you to find what makes you feel good and what nourishes not only your body but your spirit as well!

Have a great weekend!


(header credit: Amanda Bisk)

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