“Drink Your Greens”

Figuring out how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while in college is both a huge adjustment and a struggle, to say the least. From squeezing in midnight workouts to shoving 5 dining hall apples in my bag to snack on, I can attest to the fact that it is not easy, especially as a busy person that is always on-the-go. I stumbled upon something that I think all busy health nuts can appreciate, so I decided to share.

Recently, my dad introduced me to my new favorite thing: Daily Greens juice.

Right now, this is currently what my mini fridge looks like:

I have had an absolute blast trying out all of the flavors, and not only are the juices delicious and good for you, but they are also actually filling. Daily Greens is a perfect on-the-go snack, pre- or post-workout drink, or even a small, nutrient-rich breakfast.

The juices include unique ingredients such as turmeric, madagascar vanilla, and ginger- all absolutely amazing for your health. In addition, the juices are cold-pressed, which means that none of the ingredients are heated during the juicing process, which preserves the nutrients. The juices are also 100% organic, which is another plus.

I would consider Daily Greens the juice for people who may not have previously enjoyed juices- they’re that good! And if you weren’t already sold, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle goes towards organizations that help fight breast cancer. So, next time you’re at Costo, Central Market, or Whole Foods, I encourage you to try one of these juices.


(Feature imagine by Drink Daily Greens LLC)

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