A Sip of Heaven 

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Recently I have been drinking infused water, and thought I would share about the concept and it’s benefits.

For those who have a difficult time drinking enough water due to bland taste, infused water can help tremendously by making water exciting!

There are also many health benefits that come with this process. Depending on which fruits/veggies/herbs you use, you can create a tasty drink and target health concerns or just boost your health overall.

Ingredients and their benefits:

Lemon: freshens breath, cleanses the liver, balances the body’s pH levels

Lemongrass: boosts mood, balances cholesterol, known to eliminate cancer cells

Strawberry: contains antioxidants, helps burn stored fat, contains potassium

Apple: help maintain bone and tissue health, regulates blood sugar, adds to good bacterias in the intestines

Grapefruit: lowers cholesterol, controls insulin levels, contains vitamin C

Lime: has restorative properties for hair, skin, & nails, anti-carcinogenic, contain calcium and folate(important for women’s health)

Raspberry: anti-inflammatory, contains vitamin C and magnesium, promotes fertility

Rosemary: improves headaches, elevates mood

Orange: helps with blood circulation, contains antioxidants and vitamin C, contains beta-carotene that protects the skin

Cucumber: contains vitamin A and C, brings down blood pressure, curbs appetite, helps soothe muscles, contains antioxidants

Mint: soothes indigestion, contains antioxidants known to help with seasonal allergies

Basil: helps with fatigue, soothing, detoxifies the liver

For my recipe today, I used strawberries, lemons, and a grapefruit.

(Note: I made multiple batches so this amount of fruit is not necessarily the amount to use for one)

I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes and then it was perfectly ready. You can let it infuse throughout the day for added flavor or you can keep adding water to the same fruit throughout the day as well. The possibilities are endless and the concept is great. Find out what flavors you like and experiment a little. It is delicious, fun, and beneficial!

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