“She Will Not Fall”

“God is within her, she will not fall”

One of my all-time favorite Bible verses is Psalm 46:5. In fact, I would consider it my “life verse”.

Technically speaking, the verse is within a passage referring to the city of God, but when I first read these words in the summer of 2013 God sewIMG_2815ed an image into my heart. I had been going through some rocky and uncertain seasons in my life, but He showed me that those situations had no power to break me.

He showed me something amazing. I saw myself standing with the Holy Spirit abiding in me, and I abiding in the Holy Spirit as well. And I saw that nothing could touch me. No situation, no words, no argument, no illness, nothing could take me down. I could not, and would not fall.

God is so powerful. I stay in awe of His power and glory. I encourage you to hold on to this verse today and truly resonate with the fact that God will never leave you. Storms and struggles will come, but they will only build your character; God never leaves. Remember that He is always with you, and you will not fall; you cannot fall.

Bless you all.

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